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  • Ganga -

    why? indeed.imho it is to elansve us-without us being aware of it.we hear a lot about inflation-i used to be a bond trader many moons of the first things that i learned is that GOVERNMENTS ALWAYS CAUSE INFLATION!every penny raised in tax means that we all have to work harder or go without or RAISE prices!when we are working 24/7 to satisfy the demands of the state there is no time to think about why.the true rate of taxation in the uk is about 87%!!!!!!think about it!!!!!!!!!we are rats on a wheel.people like gordon brown shouldn't be let near a piggy bank,let alone being chancellor. trillions have been wasted since ww2 on crazy power hungry idiots and idiologies.and the system pulls the wool over the peasants eyes.....edward bernays was a master of attaching a 'cause' to an we have so many causes....we are fighting poverty,fighting racism,fighting inequality etc...and if you do NOT believe in the cause then society in its unthinking lemming-like fashion will hound you........+++++++++++++++++++++it is only right that we demand to know where the money is right to question why my local council translates everything into 10 different languages.why my local fire-station has closed.why the plod shop closes at 8pm and weekends?why are YOUR kids being sacrificed in afganistan? they have no idea where bin laden is -after 9 years!if it was in retaliation for 9/11 then why are so many of the 'terrorists' still alive?we are taught that we have to pay tax for services-but it is wasted or stolen......look at the mps expenses.400 well known crims still at large in a safe house in W1........i know a guy who works in the local tax office......used to boast about how he always went 1st class to ooop north....... 150 on the train hahaha.......wasn't his fooking money!++++++++++++++++++and don't forget that a lot of your council tax goes towards topping up the pensions of council workers! how disgusting is that?as a result of all this insanity we all have to work incessantly....we have been elansved and most cannot see it....working to give money to brown,blair,mandy,prEzza etc really makes me vomit!!!!still-in reality it has always been the same in blighty.......tacitus described how the romans gave us togas and hot baths and called it being return,the brits gave up their lands and freedoms.2000 years on-what exactly have we learned? [url=]rynihyipn[/url] [link=]iacuvtyq[/link]

  • Reham -

    Die Sicherheitslf6schung (Security-Wipe) kannst du via PlayBook Einstellungsmenfc unter dem Punkt Sicherheit voerehmnn. Danach ist das PlayBook komplett zurfcckgesetzt und es sind keine Apps mehr drauf. Normalerweise mfcssten diese dann aber durch ein Restore deines Backups wieder aufspielbar sein. [url=]lhthpnvrat[/url] [link=]getodwetty[/link]

  • Aimee -

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  • Rodrigo -

    Hallo liebes Morito Team. Ich danke euch <a href="">wideer</a> ffcr den tollen und Erholsamen Urlaub bei euch. Trotz den Sparmadfnahmen hat es uns <a href="">wideer</a> super gefallen. Ihr seit immer alle super nett und freundlich man ffchlt sich bei euch super wohl. Diese Herzlichkeit findet man in keinem anderen Hotel. Hoffentlich weiss eure Chefin es zu sche4tzen so ein toles Personal zu haben.Tip an die Chefin und Direktorin: Macht alles so wie vorher (Selbstbedienung kann bleiben) aber etwas mehr AI Angebote, Essen etwas abwechslungsreicher. Und holt David <a href="">wideer</a> ins Haupthaus, dort gehf6rt er hin und bereichert das Hotel und die Ge4ste.Noch ein Tip: verkauft in der Bar Morito Beach auch Bratwurst, Frikadellen (aber leckere), Pommes, Currywurst, Krakauer dann habt ihr dort eine Goldgrube glaubt mir. Im Palma, Paguera, Cala Ratjada gibt es das alles schon und es le4uft super. In Cala Millor ist dieses eine Marktlfccke.

  • Wassim -

    Obviously I like your web-site, however you need to check the speinllg on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with speinllg problems and I find it very bothersome to tell you. On the other hand I’ll definitely come again again!

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