[Free for All] The Downfall of Carmella

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    • [Free for All] The Downfall of Carmella


      Ungewohnte Töne klingen durch das weite Rund der Halle, ungewohnt vor allem deshalb, weil seit Ewigkeiten hier in der WFW nicht mehr zu hören.

      Genauer gesagt seit Friday Fatality 20 vor zwei Jahren nicht mehr. Erreicht hatte sie davor aber schon wenig, war ihr Highlight doch ein Promoduell bei Standing Alone #15, als sich Carmella (damals noch mit Enzo und Big Cass als Anhängsel) bemüßigt sah, Stella Nova und die jetzige Lailah Sapphire, damals noch Sandra LaMander anzupissen.
      Dann las man von ihr nur noch einen kurzen Twitterostergruß und PAFF! Nichts mehr von der selbsternannten "Princess of Staten Island".

      Kein Abschiedsgruß, keine Erklärung, nichts.
      Verständlich daß sie hier auch nur noch "WHO ARE YOU?" Rufe provozieren kann.

      Sichtlich angespannt lässt sie sich das Mikro reichen und beginnt zu reden:

      For those who don't know me, and that must be the majority here, my Name is Carmella! And i am the Princess of Staten Island, self proclaimed hottest chick in the Ring, and i used to be a part of WFW, not for long, not enough to remember, but i was a part of the WFW Women's Locker Room. And then... i was gone. From one day to the next, and i am pretty sure, nobody really missed me.
      I was just one of those girls that likes to hear themself talking, even if it has nothing important to say just to hear its own voice. And if nothing happened, i would have stayed like this.
      Oddly enough, Enzo's , Big Cass' and my catchphrase was "AND YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT!"
      Well, you can't teach that in school, right. But what life teaches you matters most: What goes up... must come down.
      I was such a spoiled, self-centered brat, i hardly could stand myself.
      And when my downfall began, i did not see the signs.
      After Friday Fatality 20, i began to develop a bad habit: Gambling.
      Everytime i went out on the town with my boys Enzo and Cass, and we passed by a casino, i felt impelled to feed those damn slot machines 'til i ran out of money.
      Even then, i just couldn't stop feeding those one-armed bandits with coins, so i lend me some dimes and nickels from Zo and Cass who were dealing with their own demons at that time and were no help to me whatsoever.
      I had to go through rough times to find my real me, and it wasn't until i was forced to leave my apartment by my landlord because i could not afford to pay my rent anymore and went homeless, that i realized i had serious issues. I lived from hand to mouth, day to day, barely escaped being raped one time, and so i decided one day i couldn't continue with this way of living. I was ready to throw me off Brooklyn Bridge, and it was only because i met someone at that day, someone who talked to me, someone who wanted to hear my sad story, someone who took my hand and never let go. If it wasn't for that night, we may have never met, because we are so different from one another. But i was lucky my guardian angel came by just when i needed someone the most. He is the reason i am standing right before your very eyes, ready to make a name for myself again and concentrate on what's really important in my life: Wrestling, entertaining the fans, no matter if i'm being the good girl or the obnoxious bad bitch.

      Without further ado, let me present to you my guiding light, my guardian angel and best friend:


      Playing with Power

      Auf dem Tron erscheinen jetzt verschiedene WFW-Wrestler, darunter Tyler Black, Brian Cage, Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz...und in der Mitte eben TJP. Sein Bild leuchtet auf, die Worte "Character selected" sind auf dem Auswahlbildschirm zu sehen, dann das Wort "START", das von den blinkenden "MAX HEALTH" und "HP" abgelöst wird.

      Kurz darauf macht sich TJP auf den Weg zum Ring, auf der Stage erst einmal die Kapuze seines Hoodies in den Farben der Philippinen zurückschlagend, bevor er seine Arme ausbreitet, kniet, und dann dabbend Richtung Ring geht, wo er Carmella mit einer Umarmung begrüßt und sich von ihr das Mikrofon geben lässt:

      Hello, my Name is TJ Perkins, or short TJP, if you will.

      Who i am, and what i've done, you heard it from Carmella before. What she missed out on, i knew her situation from own experience. And i gave myself a promise: What happened to me, i won't let it happen to others. So i'll only add this: Carmella deserves a second chance, and i deserve my first here in WFW. So, if we would get the chance to wrestle for a contract, you surely would not regret it. And by "You" i mean not only the Powers that be, the ones running this show, but first and foremost, you, the fans. If you want to see us battle it out against any member of the WFW Roster, give us a ..."

      In diesem Moment wird er durch eine wohlbekannte Musik unterbrochen, es ist die von:
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    • Taya Valkyrie.

      Watchtower of the Valkyrie

      Die kanadische Luchadora ist selbst noch mehr oder weniger ein Neuling im WFW TV, aber durch diverse Matches hat sie ihren Bekanntheitsgrad bei den Fans rasch angepasst und so wird sie von einigen Fans während ihres Einzugs mit "La Wera Loca" Chants begrüßt. Selbiger Einzug fällt naturgemäß pompös aus, egal ob in kleiner Halle oder vor großem Publikum, die selbstbewusste Walküre und künftige Mrs. Mundo/Morrison/Impact/Hennigan liebt sich und ihren Auftritt, nach welchem sie dann spöttisch Carmella und TJP ansieht und ein von Lilian Garcia angereichtes Mic zum Mund führt.

      Taya Valkyrie:
      Well, well, well, first you give us your incredibly touching life story about your obsession for gambling and how it would have almost consumed you… but your first move upon returning to World Fantasy Wrestling is playing Russian Roulette. Instead of going into the office bureau like the bluechippers you pretend to be, you walk out here, in front of this crowd with your pitiful cries for attention.
      However, if you are out here, you never know what bullet will come out of the backstage area. And while we neither have a club for bullets here, nor Killshot, we most certainly have some people who are more friendly towards revitalizing your career than others. Take a guess what group of people I belong to. Spoilers: it's the latter.

      You know, if you had been smart, you might have had the opportunity to fight against the worst wrestler in the universe… no, I’m not talking about your Ex, Enzo Amore, even though he fits that description very well, too… no, if you had been smart and lucky, maybe you could have proven yourself against Eva Marie. The bad news without Barrett for you folks is… I’m not Eva Marie. I am la Wera Loca, Taya! And while I am crazy, I am not crazy enough to believe that a woman as insignificant as you deserves a PPV match to prove her worthlessness… however! At the first Ravage after the upcoming Pay Per View, there might be room for a nice, classy, traditional jobber squash match.
      You know, I am busy building up my reputation around here and while defeating a nobody like yourself – which might be taken literally, given the fact you have almost no body – um… where was I heading with my speech? Oh, yes, sure. I was going to say that while defeating you is basically a non-feature, just like being assigned to 205 live, it still is a nice opportunity for me to make the audience accustomed to my signature moves.
      As for you, TJP… sadly you aren’t PJ Black, aka Justin Gabriel… well, I would almost be willing to take both of you on at the same time, but that would delay my obvious victory by approximately 2 minutes and those two additional minutes might trick people into believing that Carmella isn’t just plain bad, expandable and most importantly, completely unneeded around here and as such would invalidate the result. So, I must kindly ask you to understand, that I will have to demolish your girlfriend one on one, sooooorry about that.
      …oh, who am I kidding? I’m not sorry at all.

      Übrigens war Carmellas letzter Auftritt nicht bei Standing Alone, sondern bei Friday Fatality 20, wenn meine Suchfunktions-Künste mich nicht im Stich lassen.
      Quick Info #2: Sandra LaMander nennt sich heutzutage Lailah Sapphire, eine Hälfte des letztjährigen Gewinnerteams des ToH Damen Tag Team Turniers.
    • Die Antwort von Carmella lässt nicht auf sich warten, wenn auch weniger frech als von ihrer Gegnerin erwartet.


      Well, i guess that was well deserved, after all the trouble i got the officials in and the disappointment i was to just the few Fans i had here in WFW, which counted on me just to get let down.

      But if i am unneeded around here, let that be decided by the office and fans. Yes, maybe i stand no chance against you. Yes, maybe i used to be of insignificance. Maybe i am still insignificant right now. But, that is nothing that can't be changed, maybe not yet, but in a week, a month, or a year.

      Still, i have some more new tricks up my sleeve, can hopefully bust out some flashy new moves to win the audience over for me, and last, but most important, i won't quit again.
      And this time, i won't stop until i finally have proven that i deserve a spot on this roster.

      So, what i am basically telling you in front of all this people is:

      You beat me once, i come back the next night asking for a rematch. You beat me twice, i still want to fight you again. And even if it's "Three Strikes, you're out", guess what?
      No, not a fourth fight. I know when i'm done. But then, i'll ask everyone for a chance to prove me in the WFW, be it officials, be it the wrestlers themselves, start a movement like the Yes! Movement, just on a lower scale, but nonetheless a movement...until i've shown to each and everyone of you in the crowd, and maybe you too, Taya, that i am finally of worth for WFW. And if it's only one talent i have , it's my special talent to be annoying as f...
      So i guess i will be around here longer than you expect, Taya.

      As far as TJP is concerned, he fights his own battles. Yes, he is my guardian angel, but not a boyfriend of any kind, or my embellishment, he's got a mind of his own and he has his own plans, and since we are the best of friends, i have no right to tell him what to do and what not.

      Maybe you are not sorry, but i am.
      I am sorry to spoil YOUR Plans, but TJP won't be around to see my demolition. I guess you have to put up with me, and only me alone.
      But don't count me out too soon, maybe there's an ace up my sleeve i am holding back right now, you know...for some special occasions.
      Support MUAH! :cheer:
    • Infiltrator

      An Aufmerksamkeit mangelt es Carmella, trotz ihrer langen Abwesenheit, offenbar nicht, kommt doch noch eine weitere Person zum Ring. Allerdings nicht so gut beim Publikum an, da Mitglied von The Mob. Heute erscheint Aaron Attitude jedoch allein. Mit einem Mic bewaffnet schlendert er gelassen die Rampe hinab, woraufhin er in den Squared Cirlce steigt. Mit reichlich Abstand zu Taya.

      Aaron Attitude:
      Gott... ist diese Dreigroschenoper erst zu Ende, wenn eine Walküre singt?

      Er schaut kurz zur Kanadierin, welcher aber offenbar nicht die Absicht hat. Danach zu Carmella.

      Aaron Attitude:
      Weißt du eigentlich wofür WFW steht. Kleiner Tipp am Rande: *Nicht* für Obdachlosen-Wrestling! Aber da deine Visage nicht so aussieht,
      als ob sie jemals wieder jemand küssen wird, habe ich dir schon mehr Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt als du verdienst. Wegen dir bin ich auch gar nicht hier.

      Wonach er sich betont zu TJ Perkins wendet.

      Aaron Attitude:
      What's up, Jerkins? Oder sollte ich sagen: TJPee? Doch eigentlich kenne ich die Antwort schon: Wenn du mit der da abhängst, kann bei dir nicht viel los sein. Hätte mich auch gewundert, wenn. Und ihr... wollt also ne große Nummer werden? Ich glaube eher, das ihr Zahl 0815 locker unterbietet. Aber hey, irren ist männlich. Wenn du keinen Schiss hasst, aufgemischt zu werden, steig ich mit dir gerne in den Ring. Und wische mit dir die Matte, bevor du dich wieder zur wertlosesten Show auf dem Mainstream-Network trollst. Deal?
    • Die Antwort von TJP lässt nicht auf sich warten.


      Oh well*sigh* Another original comment on my Name. Not that i've heard that a trillion times before, but meh.
      Playing the funny names game? I can do that, too. Did you know that AA, the abbreviation of your first and your last name, is a common childrens term for poo?
      Not that far fetched judging by what's coming out of your mouth. Someone needs to wash out your mouth with soap, i guess.
      For now, i'm happy to deliver a detonation kick to your head to set straight what's wrong now.
      So yes, we have a deal. Bring your A-Game, or you'll get a late hit like A-Rod! If you know what i mean...(and you sometimes watch NFL...)

      Support MUAH! :cheer:
    • Taya guckt sich etwas angeekelt um und tut dann so, als müsste sie ein Erbrechen unterdrücken.

      Taya Valkyrie:
      Good lord, as if the air hadn’t been reeking of mediocrity more than enough already, thanks to Car-something and TJP being around... now this sit down comedian shows up and it gets even worse. What was your stable called again? The flop? Yeah, I’m sure you have heard that one before and yeah, I guess technically it is wrong, since you fluked yourself to some championships, but good god, is it telling that some newcomer can join your group and outshine everything your stable ever did with a single segment of satire.
      Anyway, this is where “learning from your mistakes” comes in mind, because I should learn from this uncanny experience to not show myself out here when some low name jobbers try to talk big. Failed potential lowcarders – or no potential lowcarders – have that tendency to drag everydown down to their level and then beat their opposition with experience. Except I will not allow myself to be beaten, when we will face each other in the ring for the sole match I shall grant you, Car-something. Stressng the "sole match" part: there won’t be any rematches for you. I will face you once, beat you, then move on to tasks actually requiring effort and being worth some effort, both of which doesn’t apply to having a match against you. In fact, I will leave right now and attend to more worthwhile tasks, like scratching my nose which hurts from inhaling the same air as you. See ya.

      Womit sie sich wieder gen Backstagebereich orientiert.
    • Grinsend schaut Attitude der Walküre hinterher, bevor er sich, mit einem etwas ersteren Gesichtsausdruck, wieder Richtung TJ Perkins wendet.

      Aaron Attitude:
      Du willst mich Seife fressen lassen? Ganz schön eingebildet! Hoffentlich kriegst du keine Verstopfung, wenn ich dir deine großen Worte gewaltig in den Rachen stopfe. Du solltest lieber alles zeigen was du hast, um nicht als Totalversager da zu stehen. Denn wenn wir gegeneinander kämpfen, wirst du mindestens genau so alt aussehen wie die Tussi neben dir.

      Mit einem arrogantem Lächeln verabschiedet sich auch Aaron aus dem Seilgeviert, bevor er Backstage verschwindet.