[Movesets] Team BAE (Best At Everything)

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    • [Movesets] Team BAE (Best At Everything)

      Sasha Banks
      Theme Song: Final Boss

      Finishing moves
      Bank Statement (Bridging Crossface)

      Signature moves
      Bankrupt (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker)
      Running Boss Bash (Running Double Knee to cornered opponent)
      Diving Boss Bash (Diving Double Knee Drop to Opponent hanging in the corner)
      Bow and Arrow Lock
      Backstabber (mitunter fließender Übergang ins Bank Statement)
      Suicide Dive
      Tope con Giro

      Regular Moves
      Headscissors takedown
      Thesz Press & Punches
      Roundhouse Kick
      Japanese arm drag
      Monkey flip
      Multiple forehand chops
      Roll-up, sometimes while bridging
      Small package
      Wheelbarrow victory roll
      Springboard arm drag
      Romero Special

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    • Aksana

      Finishing moves
      Divo /Devo Drop (Spinebuster, sometimes while spinning)
      Billion Dollar Kick (Roundhouse Kick)
      Spinning headlock elbow drop

      Signature moves
      Bow and arrow hold
      Catapult backbreaker
      Crawling followed by a side kick to a seated opponent, with theatrics
      Elbow drop, with theatrics
      Figure four headscissors transitioned into multiple push-up facebusters
      High knee
      Russian legsweep
      Scoop slam
      Sidewalk slam
      Single leg Boston crab
      Snapmare, followed by a shoot kick to the back of the opponent's head
      Tilt-a-whirl slam

      + Regular Moves

      C Comp Moveset:

      Theme Song: Black Bangs Theory

      Finishing Moves
      Beautiful Bang (Spinning Spinebuster)
      Lithuanian Clutch (Leg Trap Camel Clutch)

      Signature Moves
      Roundhouse Kick
      Rude Awakening Neckbreaker
      Reverse Figure 4 Leglock (adapted from Val Venis)

      Arm Drag
      School Girl
      Scoop Slam
      Shin Breaker
      Chin Breaker
      Chin Lock
      Side Headlock
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    • Becky Lynch

      Finishing moves
      Dis-Arm-Her (Kneeling fujiwara armbar)

      Exploder suplex
      Four-Leg Clover (Inverted figure-four leglock)
      Seated Fujiwara armbar

      Signature moves

      Bex-plex (Pumphandle Suplex)
      Top Rope Legdrop
      Springboard Push Kick
      Corner springboard side kick
      Arm Bar
      Fisherman's Neckbreaker
      European uppercut
      Japanese arm drag
      Springboard leg drop
      Leg lariat
      Front missile dropkick
      Electric chair drop

      + Regular Moves
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