[Moveset] Fruit Life

    • [Moveset] Fruit Life

      Entrance Theme:

      Fruit Life

      So, you think we're unchuggable?

      Fruit life, this is basic chuganomics, this a ba-basic chuganomics,
      Fruit life, We're unchuggable but we're forcing you to eat thee!
      Fruit life, this is bas-basic chuga-chuga-chuganomics,
      Fruit life, We're unchuggable but we're forcing you to eat thee!

      Whether biting or spitting, our major goal is making your paunch thin
      Got you throwing up like you haven't been eatin'
      An fruit-worship anthem
      Coconut or mandarin, eating grapes for lunch and
      if there are not enough of em' you're throwing a tantrum
      Beans hit the floor, this the new fruit joint
      Eat a granadilla kid, it's good for your groin
      Let's try to reach some congruence
      We're not here to fight, when our theme song hits
      Get your hazelnuts and mombins
    • NoleM (That's Melon spelled backwards! - once known as RelliK or Johnny the Bull)

      Finishing Moves
      Remmahkcaj (that’s Jackhammer spelled backwards!)
      Melon Splitter (Diving Discus Legdrop)

      Signature Moves
      Fruit Press Powerslam (Press Up Powerslam)
      Fruitline (Lariat)
      Vitamin DDT (it’s just any kind of DDT, really)

      Regular Moves
      Spinning Wheel Kick
      Diving Splash
      Sidewalk Slam
    • Gangnana (Gangrel)

      Finishing Move
      Implant DDT

      Signature Moves
      Banana Sweep (Side Russian Legsweep)
      Healthy Suplex (Trapping Suplex / Double Underhook Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex)
      Fruity Elbow (Corkscrew Elbow Drop)
      Vitamin Spit (Yellow Poison Mist)

      Regular Moves
      Back Suplex
      Scoop Slam